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Pastoral Support, from Aly Thomsen and Sally Young, both Thera-Build® Licensed Practitioners. Thera-Build® with LEGO® is a playful, therapeutic approach for promoting emotional well-being in children, using LEGO® bricks, that was developed by Alyson Thomsen of Bricks2Learn.  It focuses on working therapeutically with all children, and is particularly helpful for young people with internalising conditions such as anxiety or attachment disorder.

Through purposeful play with LEGO® bricks, and meaningful conversation, Thera-Build® aims to reduce stress, boost confidence and self-esteem, and support children to self-regulate, by providing individualised high-quality relational building experiences, that help children to positively connect with others and communicate difficult emotions.  A Thera-Build® intervention may be most beneficial on a one-to-one basis, or with a small group of children, depending on a child’s individual need.

There are many benefits to the use of brick-play, including improved:- Language and literacy skills- Social skills, self-expression and more effective communication- Problem solving, decision making and memory- Hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and fine motor skills- Self-regulation, resilience, understanding empathy and impulse control If you would like more information about the Thera-Build® with LEGO® Approach, please visit the website at:  https://www.bricks2learn.com/thera-build