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How do we describe Spirituality at Highnam Academy?


Christians believe that; Everyone is a valued creation, individually and uniquely made by God, in his own image. It also refers to God as a potter and describes everyone being the work of God’s hand.

Sometimes pots can crack or break. Sometimes things happen that make us feel cracked or changed. Christians believe that whatever happens to them in life, God is with them. God can mend gaps and  put everyone back together.  

'We are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand'. Isaiah 64:8

Read the story of Kintsugi - Kintsugi is a Japanese word meaning ‘golden joinery’.  Artists use golden glue to repair cracks bringing unexpected beauty and, in some cases, allowing the light to shine through.

 Christians believe that this unexpected beauty from repairing the cracks of life is their own unique spiritual journey which builds their relationships with others, the environment and with God. 

These are the awe and wonder moments.  The times when you want to breathe in and capture the feeling, holding onto it as long as you can. 


These are the blows life can bring.  They can knock the breath out of you.



These are the every day ordinary times: being able to be present in the moment, being open and receptive to life, because God is not just for emergencies!