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Croatia - Day 6

18 October 2019 (by admin)

Today, we woke up quite early again and got ourselves ready for another national park (hooray!) After the bus journey to the park we were greeted by some dogs that were there. We went on a little trail around the park until we reached the boats. The boat ride was an hour long and we got to see white tailed eagles. (which was the bird that the park is famous for) and many more beautiful birds. The weather was good and the autumn colours were beautiful. After the boat trip, we went back to the bus and went to a nearby mall, which was where we brought our presents (Jay bought a keyboard and a football).

When we caught back up with the teachers we realised Jay had purchased a Croatian keyboard so he had to take back the keyboard as it would not work in England but he came back with a keyboard that would work in England so he was very happy. Next Jay showed them his football he had bought and Mr Dean then said that he had to get a new one as it would pop on the plane but again he just got another one but this one was flat and now it could go on the plane. He was very pleased with his purchases and so were we!

After we had gone shopping, we went out for dinner as our farewell party. Our host families were crying because we were leaving in the morning. We had a tasty three course dinner. The starter was salad and the main was meat with rice and potatoes and for pudding we had pancakes. Once we had eaten we went outside and played some football. Eventually, we had to leave and everyone was extremely sad and there were some people very tearful. We will end it off here and catch up tomorrow, goodbye :)