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Poland - Day 3 Blog

22 May 2019 (by admin)


Today was the welcome celebration at the culture centre in Ziebice. We watched some splendid Polish student performances retelling some traditional folk tales. We then listened to student presentations on a famous painter from their country. Vi, Tehya, Louis and Tyler had chosen to talk about Banksy and they spoke confidently in front of quite a large audience. Gifts were exchanged and we all received a goody bag full of tasty Polish treats and even wrist slap bands.

The welcome ceremony ended with an ABBA sing-a-long session. Miss Thomas and Miss Coldrick joined in enthusiastically with their faultless rendition of Gimme, Gimme, Gimme...We think everyone were suitably awed and amazed.

After a break for some drinks and cakes, we headed off for a walk around the town. The weather forecast had been completely wrong; instead of rain and thunderstorms, the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm. We visited a park with dinosaur statues and we climbed thousands (well that’s what it felt like) of steep steps up to a large stone eagle where we enjoyed incredible views over Ziebice. Lunch was chicken, chips and salad followed by ice cream. During the afternoon the children took part in ICT workshops involving Bee Bots and Lego WeDo while the teachers met to discuss the Erasmus+ project.

That evening the children all went bowling with their host families. 

Highlights of the evening included: spotting a hawk flying over a field on the way, Louis getting a strike, a game of tag outside the bowling alley, Tyler winning, someone accidentally knocking over Louis’ pins which increased his score, Vi and Louis taking all the drink and eating amazingly delicious ice cream.