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Poland - Day 2 Blog

22 May 2019 (by admin)


We had an early start so that we could travel to Wroclaw for a day of sight-seeing. Little did we know that we’d be given the challenge of finding little dwarf statues all over the city and having our photo taken with them. We visited the oldest part called Ostrow Tumski and saw St. John's cathedral (70% damaged in the war and was rebuilt in later years.) We ate pizzas and pasta in the market square after finding several dwarves, marvelling at the architecture and then frequenting souvenir shops (Tyler in particular was keen to spend all his money)! There were lots of electric scooters for hire (like the Boris bikes in London) and Tehya was longing to have a go on one. After many thousands of steps (we were counting them on our watches and phones,) we went to a giant shopping centre for some free time. Here, we ate ice cream, drank smoothies and had a look around lots of shops.

After a short bus ride, we visited Centennial hall. It had tall columns, some strewn with ivy, as well as a very tall monument over 100m tall. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. Walking under leafed archways, we entered an amphitheatre with columns supporting a curved bridge, with a central pond full of fountains! Before watching the show, we had time to run around the ground fountains, trying to dodge the wet (Tyler and Louis got soaked by standing on a jet!) Then we watched a mesmerising water show with lights, music and fountains splashing to huge heights. It was great fun. Tired from our adventurous day, we retired to the coach where we were dropped off at the school in our village and went home with our host families. Tehya and Vi's house was practically a mansion (also with the tiniest puppy!,) Tyler's had the biggest, best dog in it and Louis' had an amazing view of the countryside! After some supper, showers and baths, we went to bed, ready for an action packed day at the school.