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Highnam Church Of England Primary Academy

01452 525872

Wetherleigh Drive, Highnam, Gloucester, GL2 8LW

Children with Confidence

On an Adventure!


5/6T visit to Strike a Light Festival show         Friday 20th March 2015


On Friday 20th March, Mr Tibbles’ class left school at 12:45pm to go on a mystery trip. The bus took the class to an unknown destination in the middle of Gloucester. We were all very excited!

Eventually, we arrived at a disused building with no lights, no running water and no toilets. Outside the building, there was a clown waiting to tell the children an adventure story. As he started telling his story, two teenagers, with their friend Fred, came running in through the big metal gate, shouting at us that their dad had been kidnapped. The three teenagers showed us a piece of paper that the kidnappers dropped, which had a picture of their badge and had secret words that meant a code to get through the door and into the building.

We solved the code easily and went into the building. We rummaged through loads of boxes to find more clues and anything that we needed, like hard helmets, Hi-Vis jackets, face masks, a tin of soup, bucket and spade, a torch, compass and white overalls. And then a security guard heard us and started looking around the room, so we had to wear the clothes and act as store dummies. Luckily we escaped from him. Then, we found an electric lock attached to a wall but we couldn’t attach it to the door as it was on the opposite side. So, we formed a chain by holding hands from padlock to door and unlocked the magnetic door.

We went through the door one by one. Slowly we came to the end of the dark tunnel, with the only light being our torches. We were all a bit scared at this point. Eventually, we reached a big room. Then we heard a shot coming from behind a wall. So we moved a big rail covered in plastic felt. Behind it was a chair with blood all over it and ropes tied all around its arms and legs. Then we looked around the room for clues and spotted a fax machine that was going dot doooot dot dot dooooot dot dot and then the teenagers asked us if anyone knows how to work a fax. The words typed were ‘laser floor’ and then we had to find a laser, and look at the floor. Eventually we looked under the carpet and found North, South, East, West stuck on the floor. We pointed the laser around each point which led us to a number that was 5 (east), 6 (north), 2 (south) and 1 (west). We inputted the number at the door and it unlocked.

We moved into a big passageway and at the end of it was a person. We walked towards it and saw that it was in fact a dummy. We removed the brown paper bag off its head. And there was a clown’s head on it. There was screaming. Suddenly, the wall moved and out of nowhere appeared the evil clown that had been with on the journey. He had filled lots of balloons with a highly toxic gas so we put on our face masks and on the count of three we were about to pop the balloons. We stopped, as the clown confused us by telling us that the teenager’s dad had nipped out to get a newspaper and was delayed with a punctured tyre and in fact the kidnap was faked to get us in trouble.   Quickly, we stamped on some of the balloons and ran out of the room, leaving the clown dead on the floor!

As we made it outside of the building, Radio Gloucester was there to interview us.

By Jacob L 

Class 5/6T