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At Highnam Academy we believe geography is a subject that inspires great curiosity allowing pupils to learn about the world around them and to be able to consider their current and future role in it. 

Following the National Curriculum, we ensure geography motivates pupils to continually learn and explore about their local environment, the United Kingdom and then extend their understanding to the wider world. 

We strive for pupils to leave Highnam Academy with a range of relevant geographical skills such as map reading, use of compass directions and grid references that are transferable across curriculums as well as daily life.

Their knowledge should help them further understand the interaction between physical and human processes, understand the formation and use of landscapes and environments and understand how the Earth’s features at difference scales are shaped, interconnect and change over time.



Our in house generated geography progression grids guarantee that coverage is met across the Academy and ensures development of learning and skills through year groups. Teacher’s plan their Geography lessons thoughtfully to encourage children to develop into confident Geographers, covering the content and presenting it in an engaging and stimulating way. In every lesson children are exposed to quality first teaching. To gauge pupil’s individual understanding, questions are tailored accordingly. Learning is recapped often with the aim to transfer their knowledge into their long term memory.

We annually hold a field work week so that pupils have the opportunity to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in the local area using a range of methods. We hope that this will raise the profile and help children develop their geography skills. We also strive to utilise the local environment as much as possible, visiting the local bore, projects on the River Severn and taking part in an annual wildlife quiz with other academies.  Geography is mostly taught through topics or question themes during afternoon lessons. In years 1-4 when the topic is geography focused, children will be taught at least an hour a week, when not in focus cross-curriculum links will be covered when appropriate. In upper Key Stage 2 Geography is taught more regularly due to it being covered in each of its question themes every term.



This implementation of geography will encourage children to develop skills that will be transferrable across all areas of learning as well as being useful tools for their adult life. Children are encouraged to develop their learning in the local environment and learning is embedded through education visits and practical experiences. Children are faced with additional whole school challenges, projects and visitors which add to their learning experience. Children’s work shows the quality of the learning and subject leader observations, learning walks and ongoing discussions with children help to ensure the quality of geography teaching and learning. By the time our pupils leave us in year 6 they will have a secure understanding of similarities and differences between a variety of places. They will be able to use maps and apply a range of geographical skills.