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Highnam Church Of England Primary Academy

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Children with Confidence

5/6R's Adventure

On Friday the 20th of March 2015, Year 5/6 had a normal theatre trip booked but what we ended up seeing was not what we were expecting...Firstly, we went to the Guildhall in Gloucester. From there the one of the fab producers of the show took us to a secret location somewhere in the streets of Gloucester. It was an abandoned, old, shaggy building with caution signs, security cameras and warning of a mysterious gas in the building with a lock.

We were met by a curious clown (Mr Wren) who was a story teller who was telling us the hilarious version of Noah’s Ark with very few props and animals (balloon snakes, worms and water snakes, not very exciting). He was half way through the story then 3 teenagers ran in saying:


They were called Jack, Gill and Fred was their friend who was fantastically funny… way better than the clown. They had a piece of paper than said ‘turtle doves, little pigs, dwarfs, insects. We unscrambled a code that said 2 turtle doves, 3 little pigs, 7 dwarfs, 6 legs on an insect. We thought the code was ’2-3-7-6’. Once the door was unlocked we ran in it was dark, cold there were mannequins everywhere with crash helmets and safety jackets. Fred had a torch. The kids started looking through the boxes and found torches, mannequin hands, safety jackets pretty much anything you could think of and of course the girls found glittery clothing. We found torches in some boxes and thought of a word which told us to switch off our torches and freeze. Then we heard someone coming and Jack said “Noah!”    

Suddenly, the door opened and a man walked in with a huge torch and looked around the room. “Stupid rats!” he said with a scowl. Then he went. We made a battery circuit and it let us in to the corridor that led us to another room. We all got in the room there was office with lots of files, desk a computer, a torcher chair that had blood on and Gill got a bit scared meanwhile Fred thought it was cool and there was a fax machine. We found a Morse code sheet and the machine gave us a word that made us closer to find their dad.

We looked under the mat and there was four letters N, S, E and W. We thought they were North, South East and West, and we knew there were compasses in the store room, so we got the compasses and faced the way that the compasses told us. We found that they were pointing at a number that told us the code to pass the next door. We all got round the next door  and there was a man with a paper bag on his head Jack and Gill were certain that it was there dad Jack pulled the bag of and it was a manikin with a clown face  we all jumped out of our skin.

Suddenly, the curtains opened and Mr Wren was sitting in a rubber boat with loads of balloons around him filled with a poisonous gas, we had to were protective masks and pop all of the balloons and chase him. Sadly, Fred and the others had to go because their Dad called and said he was at home and waiting for them to be home for pancakes. We all had a great ADVENTURE!